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Hey lovelies,

I finally purchased the hair that I’ve wanted for so long. It is called Whitney Marie UK. It is a hair company based in the UK but they do ship worldwide. Guys guys guys please can we have a moment of silence for this hair. It is amazing. I absolutely lovee this hair. It is such beautiful hair and you can really feel the quality. Now it is a little more expensive then what I would usually go for but I can tell you that It was worth every single penny. I’ve never heard anybody say anything negative about this hair and I would definitely tell all you lovely ladies to go ahead and purchase this hair.

FullSizeRender (12)

It came beautifully packaged and because I was so eager to get the hair I did do next day delivery. So I ordered on a sunday night and it was processed on monday and it came tuesday morning which was brilliant. They also sent me a free hair brush with my package which was a really nice touch and the hair just felt so nice. I had absolutely no complaints at all.

I ordered 3 bundles of hair in the inches 12, 14 and 16 inches and I also ordered a 12 inch lace closure. The closure lays so nicely as well.

IMG_1983 IMG_1984 IMG_1986 IMG_1985 IMG_1987

As you can see the quality is gorgeous and I would recommend this hair to anyone. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below or drop me and email.

Lots of Love x x




You all probably know that their is a sale on at Asos at the moment. If you didn’t know then defo check it out because they have 50% off which means a bargain and you all know how much I love me a bargain 😉 I thought I would show you some of my top picks that I would buy. The weather is gorgeous at the moment and I’m all about dresses in the summer. Jeans get so boring especially when it’s so warm outside. So here’s a few dresses that you may like and check out all of their other clothing as well. This sale gets me to excited.

asos  dress image1xxl image1xxl (1) image1xxl (2) image1xxl (3)

1. ASOS Long Sleeve Mini Bardot Bodycon Dress Orange: Was £20.00 Now £8.00


2. Daisy Street Sheer Insert Tunic Dress White: Was £12.99 Now £9.00


3. New Look Floral Metallic Print Jaquard Shift Bodycon Dress: Was £34.99 Now £10.50


4. ASOS Deep Keyhole Maxi Dress Black: Was £35.00 Now £10.50


5. Mango Retro Shift Dress Cream: Was £44.99 Now £11.00


6. Club L Essentials Slinky Plunge Neck Mini Dress with Thigh Split Red: Was £25.00 Now £12.00


My Missguided Passion! Summer Sandals Haul

Hey, I’m sure you guys all know about how much I lovee Missguided. Its one of my favourite online stores because the prices are so reasonable and the clothes are just gorgeous as well especially their dresses. I predominantly purchase my dresses from Missguided because they never fail me 😉 As we all know its summertime now and everyones is looking for the perfect summer sandals. Whether your going on holiday or simply just looking for an outfit to wear into town these sandals are perfect for just that. I’m going to show you a selection of sandals that I’ve seen on the Missguided website and I’ll also leave the links below so you can go directly to them. As you probably know gladiators are coming back into fashion especially the knee high gladiators. These are perfect for a walk in the park or even a night out. As long as they are put together with the correct clothing you will look lovely.

gladiator sandals gladiator black

These are priced at £45 at the moment which is a really good price for gladiator sandals like these. These are faux suede and have a zip fasten at the back. They also have it in the colour taupe which I will also put below.


f1600374_lisa-marie_10.06.15_hm_436997 f1600374_lisa-marie_10.06.15_hm_436999


Here is another style of gladiators that you may prefer. It all depends on personal preference. These are also zip back and lace details. These are priced a little cheaper at £40. They also come in a tan colour as well if you don’t want to wear black.

f1600371_lisa-marie_10.06.15_hm_436790 f1600371_lisa-marie_10.06.15_hm_436797


But ladies if you want to go for a classy look for a night out or for an event or party here’s a pair of gladiator sandals that will pull off your whole look. These are a faux suede finish and lace up front detail. These also zip-up at the back. These are priced at £45.

f3600246_marchella_15.06.15_hm_1743 f3600246_marchella_15.06.15_hm_1747


Take a look at the rest of their sandal selection as well because they have something to suit all of you beautiful ladies. Also let me know if there is anything new you want to see come up on my blog as I welcome your feedback and opinions.

Lots of love x x x


Im back

Hey guys, I know your all probably thinking “Kim where on earth did you disappear to?” Well first of all I just want to apologise to all my followers for not posting in the past few months, I’ve been super busy with university and with my family so I took some time away to focus on those things but I’m back in business (as they say) so please let me know if there is anything in particular that you want to see or want me to talk about, or feel free to email me if you prefer that 🙂

So much has been going on in the past few months. The year is passing by so quickly I cannot believe it is April already when it was just Christmas the other day. I think its important that we just really focus on what we have and try to enjoy the people we have around us because time moves so quickly and things can change in a second so spend time with your family and friends and keep a strong bond with the people that you love because you never know when things will change.

But like I said guys its really good to be back and please do let me know what you would like to see in the next few months on my blog.

Lots of Love x x

BleuRibbon Hair Review

IMG_1055 FullSizeRender (9) FullSizeRender (10)

Hey lovelies, hope your all doing good. This post is on hair that I purchased from a company called BleuRibbon hair. It is based in London. I was searching for a hair company that is based in the UK just to make it easier for me and I came across this company. As soon as I went on the website they had a messenger/chat where somebody immediately popped up and asked me what I’m looking for and if I have any questions about the hair. It was really helpful to be honest. I was looking for a closure to protect my natural hair for a while especially while I’m studying so this was perfect for me.

I ordered the hair on a Monday and it came the following Monday. It came beautifully packaged.(Look below for photos) They also left a letter thanking me for my service and letting me know that they hope I come back and buy more if I’m pleased with the hair. I thought it was a really nice touch.

The closure looks and feels lovely and I would definitely buy more hair from this company. Their service was great and I would recommend them to anybody looking for good quality natural Brazilian or Peruvian hair.


IMG_1036 IMG_1038 IMG_1040

Aliexpress MsLulas Hair Products Review

ms lula ms lula hair

It came to my attention that I haven’t done a post about hair and I thought to myself “kim your crazy” because hair is my favourite thing. I love the fact that you can completely change your look just by adding maybe a colour or cutting your hair. I love to change my hair look all the time just for the simple fact that I get bored so quickly. I’m just that type of girl haha.

So this post is about hair that I purchase from Aliexpress called Ms Lulas Hair Products. For those of you who don’t know what Aliexpress is it is a website that sells so many different products from clothes to beauty products to hair weaves. I purchase my hair from Ms Lulas Hair Products. I’ll leave the link below. I have bought hair from this vendor for nearly a year now and its pretty good. If your looking for affordable hair that is in your price range and that comes pretty quickly than this hair vendor is for you. The lady corresponds back to any of my questions quickly and helps me with any queries I may have. I usually buy the Brazilian body wave which is nice hair and it usually lasts me for quite a while so I would defo recommend them especially if you are a student like me and money can get very tight guys it can get emosh 😥 lol so if your looking for affordable hair then this hair vendor is for you. If you want to see what it looks like then take a look on my Instagram and you will see. If you have any questions or want to know any-more information then please feel free to leave a comment or even send me an email. There are also a lot of youtube videos if you want some more reviews on the hair.

Love and kisses

x xx


Night Out!


I know I know it’s so bad, I haven’t wrote a post for over a week and I’m so sorry to everyone who follows me and who have been waiting for the next post. Yet again university has taken over my life and I’ve been focusing on that trying to get all these assignments finished.

However this post is all about having a good night out. You guys who are at uni or live away from home know that their are parties and events all the time pretty much every single weekend there is something on to suit you. Living in Manchester there is always something to do or somewhere to go. Last weekend  there was an event on and I don’t know if you guys know but I love RnB, HipHop, Bashment, Afrobeats and Reggae music. They are my favourite genres. So I went out and had such a good time, it was so much fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I must say I left a little early because I was tired (I know I’m such a party pooper) but nevertheless I really enjoyed myself.

It’s really important that you take time out, even if it is just once a month to go out and enjoy yourself. Let your hair down. Life can bring so many stresses on a day to day basis so it’s important to take time out and remember that you still have life and you need to live it. Now I realise clubbing isn’t for everyone so here are some ideas on what to do on the weekend.

1.Go for a spa day, there are so many around and most hotels have spas to so you can never be stuck on where to go.

2. Go to a club that plays your favourite genre of music. There’s nothing better than being with your girls dancing all night to your favourite songs.

3. Go to visit another city. This does not mean you have to spend hundreds of pounds when you get there. Just go and walk around and experience a new place.

4. Go to a bar. There are some lovely bars especially in Manchester where you can have a nice drink and catch up with your girls.

5. Go for a meal. I don’t mean a casual meal at Nandos. I mean dress up, wear your favourite dress and go for a meal somewhere new that you’ve never been before. If anyone has been to Manchester you may have heard of Cloud 23 in the Hilton Hotel. If you have not heard of it definitely check it out. You will love it.

These are just a few ideas on what to do on your free days off. But just make sure that you are enjoying yourself. Life’s to short to not enjoy yourself. Time moves to quickly 😉